Most of the texts and reproduced photographs on the website of the Airsofters V.O.F are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated, permission from the copyright holder or his/her legal representative is needed for any use of these works other than consultation via Internet. The organisation is the legal representative of the photographers whose work is presented via Airsofters V.O.F. Nothing on Airsofters.nl, Airsofters Facebook page and or any other media may be reproduced and/or made public by means of print, photocopy, storage in an automated system or otherwise without prior permission in writing from the Airsofters V.O.F.

The Airsofters V.O.F has made every effort to secure permission to reproduce copyrighted material. Organisations and persons who nevertheless feel that their rights have been violated should made contact with the Airsofters V.O.F.

Images and texts may be reproduced without prior permission only in unpublished essays and papers. Airsofters V.O.F would be pleased to receive a copy of any such essay or paper. Acknowledgement of Airsofters.nl and of the name of the author, photographer and/or the Airsofters V.O.F  is required if information from this website is reproduced or quoted.

Commercial usage
Material for commercial usage and suitable for reproduction can be ordered, for a fee, from Airsofters V.O.F, as long as the originals are in the Airsofters V.O.F. collection. For more information visit our contact form.


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